Why Used Print Finishing Machines Are Better To Buy Than New

Why Used Print Finishing Machines Are Better To Buy Than New

In the present day and age, there are so many choices when buying digital print finishing equipment in Canada, and much more when choosing where to buy them. We are planning to move ahead and provide you a few guidelines that we believe ought to help you out with finding a great deal, whether you opt to use us, or somebody else.

1. Is it ever worth it to purchase brand new anymore? Within this market, we've noticed an extremely large tendency towards used/refurbished print finishing equipment over new types. Why? The real key to finding a fantastic used finishing machine would be to find a person with a great print count - A machines print count may be viewed similarly to your car's mileage.

The less prints it has on its counter, the less problems you'll likely need to manage later on. On exactly the identical note, just because a vehicle has a couple of miles on it, it may still work well for quite a while, so long as it is a fantastic vehicle. Total print count will differ from machine to machine, for a finishing machine which completes 35-45 tasks per minute; you are going to want a print count below one million.

2. The principal thing that you’re searching for is a company that’s existed for a little while, and if at all possible, checks for a wealth of favorable feedback/testimonials. Print Finishing Machines is a division of Precision Toner, a company that has been dealing with the sales and services of digital printing machines and print finishing machines in Canada for over 25 years.

3. What do you really want? What type of manufacturing will your company do, and what sort of accessories are you going to want? For smaller companies, we want to urge machines that may perform 35-50 tasks each week. For larger businesses, we recommend print finishing machines that can produce 100 tasks per minute. All of these print finishing machines are perfect when you've got a printing shop, because they're constructed to perform over 2,000,000 prints per month.

4. You may now have to ascertain what you may need your print finishing equipment to include. Should you need files to be stapled, you'll require a stapling finisher; to perform brochures or novels, you'll require a booklet manufacturer. All these "extras" should be discussed prior to buying.

Selecting a quality used print finishing machine can be rough, but with the perfect understanding and the help of one of our expert service representatives, you'll certainly make a wonderful choice!


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