When is it Time to Replace Your Copiers? 0

Did you know a copy machine is the most important thing for a business? Not only do employees rely on it, but all tasks from scanning printing to email are done with the help of a copier. But sometimes, the office copiers in Mississauga may also cause some unwanted stress. 

And it becomes worse when the showroom colour copiers in Mississauga suddenly stop working in between important deadlines and at times of high-press projects. But how would you know that the copier you are using at present is of more extended use?

These signs will alert you to the best time to replace your laser printers or copiers in Mississauga

  • Complaining Employees

The best time to replace your office copiers in Mississauga is when your employees try to fix the copier (by hitting or kicking it sometimes). This is the time when your employees may notice a decrease in efficiency as the colour copiers in Mississauga become incapable of performing daily tasks. So instead of ignoring it, identify the problems and make sure it's not broken all the time. 

  • Your Machine Is Inefficient.

Another sign warns that a replacement is needed for your copier when it eats up way too much toner and energy. So this is the time when you don't have the option to sit back anymore, instead find the right toner parts for your copier. Know that if left untreated, it can ruin your entire business workflow. 

  • Consistently Low-Quality Copies

Another sign your laser printers in Mississauga need a replacement is when it consistently does low-quality copies. Even if your documents are copied promptly, there may be a chance your copies don't look great. So when you start losing the printing quality, know that the time for replacement might be on the horizon. 

  • It Isn't Meeting Demand Or Expectations.

Are your inkjet printers in Mississauga not supporting your daily tasks and jobs? If you see a line in front of your copier, it may be time for an upgrade. If your copier is underperforming and cannot meet your demands, replace it with a new copier. 

  • Your Needs For Copies Change

Another time your lowest price office copiers may need replacement is when your needs may have changed, such as when your business has expanded or reduced. Your current copier is no longer suited for your business needs. Therefore, newer copiers can operate to meet your needs better. 

Identify And Upgrade Your Copier!

Just having an office copier in Mississauga is not enough; instead of knowing how much better it can do for your business when upgraded or replaced matters. So it's essential to identify your copier and machines frequently. However, if you aren't comfortable handling all the maintenance stuff yourself, you can seek help and advice from business technology consultants. 

Why should you choose Mississauga Copiers to replace your old copier? 

Being one of the trusted and renowned office copiers suppliers, Mississauga Copiers has grown into a reputed service provider. We understand the customer's needs and go the extra mile to live up to their expectations. With over 25 years of experience, they have in-depth technical knowledge in sales and do not compromise on quality. 

From purchasing the lowest priced office copiers to installing and understanding how to use them, customers can rely on them entirely. Moreover, all of their machines and equipment are available at competitive rates. 

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Fixing Your Broken Copier, (Printer And Scanner) 0

Have you ever experienced a moment when your office copiers Toronto seem to break down right before your submission of a massive project? Or remember that Monday morning when you're all set to attend a meeting and your copier collapsed? It's frustrating for anyone - we agree! 

Dealing with a collapse or default copiers/printers is never a fun task, regardless of the occasion or purpose. Because models break out, we tend to sprint more prolonged than imagined. Though an individual can effortlessly repair a damaged system or model on their own, it's advisable to seek the aid of a service professional at your best deal. 

Why Do I Need To Fix My Broken Copier?

Honestly, machines break. Experiencing broken colour copiers Toronto might seem easy to repair all by yourself - however, copy machines are more complex than you ever thought. Also, you can end up making the situation terrific through your attempts to repair the device. 

Can I Do It Or Need Professional Help?

Let's take a situation like this - your profession is something you do regularly because it's your niche. You are a master in doing your vocation. Hence, trusting a professional for fixing office copiers Toronto will help you operate the device well. Trust your professionals. 

However, having your device damaged on your crazy working day can make the scenario worse than ever you thought of. 

One Problem Will Call Another

Your issues might start to manifold if you don't consider professional service for repair or fixing your copiers/printers. So, look at the warranty of your purchased model - how long it has been since you took the original service. Not considering fixing the copying device on time with proper assistance will supremely entail a good amount of money, causing an excellent issue for your business. 

You can avail rental printing machines. 

Though there are several issues one may face associated with copier fixing and repairing, expending ample time, energy, money, and disruption can be skipped by opting for the lowest price Toronto copier on rent. You can find many reputed agencies providing copiers on rent at affordable charges. 

For some good reasons, some available companies in the industry also offer several styles of copiers/printers, and thankfully, they perfectly match your specific business needs. In addition, the rental programs are also available in many affordable schemes, thereby helping business holders save the hassle, time, and most importantly, capital for the long run. 

However, if you still sloped to mend your office copier Toronto all by yourself applying some instantly learned processes, we recommend thinking twice before walking in this direction. Since some people have mastered this domain, you can dodge technical issues and ensure the long-term operations of your printers or copiers by considering specialized people's assistance. 

What's more?

Professional colour copiers Toronto service providers also guarantee next-day support at your doorstep at a very nominal cost for your added convenience. 

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7 Tips to Increase Copier Uptime for Productivity 0

Pushing "print," stepping over to your showroom color copiers or printers, and seeing just an empty tray – and a flashing light on the touchscreen display – are among the most irritating things in work life.

There are a lot of factors involved in inkjet printers Mississauga, copiers, and scanners. Today, we'll concentrate on multi-function peripherals (MFPs; you probably refer to them as your copier). Thousands of pieces make up some of the larger multi-function peripherals. While all of these items are incredibly trustworthy, they will break, the software will "hiccup," but something will occur that will hamper your productivity for a few hours.

Caffeine is a dangerous substance

Coffee and a number of other energy-boosting beverages keep us going. Do not, however, treat your copier as if it were a gigantic coaster. You don't want to knock the mug over and have it spill into the machine's inner workings and damage your copiers and printers in Mississauga. To be honest, this is a one in a thousand (or more) problem. 

Office copiers Mississauga

Dust devils 

Office copiers Mississauga use rollers and air suction to move the paper through its inner workings. Over time, both accumulate dirt. Do you recall your ancient PC mouse? On the underside, the one with the hard rubber trackball? Remember having to remove the ball from time to time to cleanse it of crumbs, grime, lint, and the occasional sticky coffee spot? It's similar to that, but on a far grander scale. 

There are a few things you can do to keep the works from being clogged with dust:

  • Ensure that an adequate filter is kept clean.
  • Clean all the glass surfaces with glass cleaner.
  • Remove the foil from the trays once a month and blow away all of the dust, grime, and debris and a can of compressed air.

Please do not enter

The Color copiers’ Mississauga screen will display you what and how to open the machine to solve common and easy-to-fix paper jams and the like. If it is not working right, don't be the MacGyver with a paperclip, a stack of Post-it notes, or some chewing gum. You can always count on the professionals to fix it for you.


We understand how strange that seems, but paper that sits open in a humid climate might cause jamming. If it's dusty or humid, try to use open paper within a week or two. Otherwise, save it until you're ready to use it.

Report in 

Notify someone if an issue continues to arise with your office copiers Mississauga. Designate anyone in the office to be the go-to maintenance guy. Also, don't walk away from a paper jam out of respect.

inkjet printers Mississauga

The correct stuff

You should always ensure that you are using the right toner and ink cartridges Mississauga for your printer.

Take a break from it. 

When not used, make sure the power saver mode is turned on, especially in the evenings and on weekends. This will not only allow you to save money on power, but it will also lengthen the life of the machine.

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4 Tips for Selecting the Right Photocopier for Your Law Firm 0

Are you looking for the best office copiers Mississauga for your law firm? For its business, every law organization requires a copier. When it comes to purchasing an MFP, there are multiple choices available on the internet. Getting the right copiers and printers in Mississauga for your regulatory operations, on the other hand, is a little more challenging.

Here are four suggestions to determine the right Lowest price office copiers for your law procedure.

Speed Of Output

Printing speed (pages per minute) should be a significant consideration when purchasing a copier for your law firm. Choose those color copiers Mississauga to keep up with your printing requirements. Before choosing a copier that meets your needs, you must first assess your average and peak output volumes. Also, look at the copier's paper storage capability, including its ability to print on various paper styles and sizes.

Capacity And Speed Of Scanning

Scanning is an essential part of a law firm's activities. Look for a scanner with an Automatic Document Feeder and a minimum scanning capacity of 100 sheets. The showroom color copiers should be capable of managing substantial scanning operations and printing and faxing. Ensure the unit you're buying is compatible with the document management software you're utilizing.

Resolution Of Scanning

When choosing inkjet printers Mississauga for your legal career, scanning resolution is essential. Look for a copier ensuring a smooth of 600 dpi (dots per inch). This will give the user the best image of your client's documents.


It's just as important to choose the appropriate copier/printer for your legal practice as it is to select the correct maintenance supplier. Choose a service provider who will maintain the unit regularly without asking. Examine essential aspects such as service response times, supply delivery, and remote troubleshooting. Please request a copy of their agreement to see what is not covered by the service.

office copiers Mississauga

Photocopier Benefits 

Now that we have talked about a photocopier's essential factors, let's discuss the advantages of having one. 


A photocopier machine is capable of generating paper duplicates at high speed. They can typically print 100 pages per minute. Photocopiers are still affordable even at this speed.


Some photocopiers can also serve as a scanner and a laser printer in addition to photocopying. The overall performance of the photographs can be improved as a result of this. Since photocopiers have all-in-one features, devices can gradually free up space in the office. Users can place in an area where three should be present.


Having laser printers Mississauga in your office boosts efficiency. Instead of taking it to a copier shop, all copying-related tasks can be completed in the office. As a result, office paperwork can be completed efficiently and without delays. As a result, employee efficiency and productivity will rise.

office copiers Mississauga

It Is User-Friendly

The most efficient way to make copies of documents is to use a color copier Mississauga. This, too, can be accomplished with minimal effort. All that is needed of the user is to turn just on the machine, insert the paper, and press a button. The device then will begin creating the appropriate quantity of copies. 

Summing Up 

Every law firm needs photocopiers to carry out their businesses. Mississauga copiers understand your needs and offer the best copiers and printers in Mississauga to carry out your business in a smooth way. 

Which Is The Best Copier For Small Businesses? 0

Are you looking for the best Color Copiers Mississauga? There are thousands of printers available in the market today, with a wide range of models, choices, and brands to pick from. When choosing a printer for a small business, there are numerous aspects to consider. Price, quality, size, production speed, and the number of customers are only a few factors. 

Many small firms, notable start-ups, operate on a shoestring budget. When buying a photocopier for the first time, it might be a considerable expenditure. Start with the used printer to save money; a $3000 used printer can cost up to $50,000 completely new. When looking for Showroom Colour Copiers for your small business, we have the right solution for you.

Even though many people are hesitant to buy a used copier, our Office Copiers Mississauga can promise you that ours are as effective as new if bought from Mississauga Copiers.

 Best Copier For Small Businesses

All of the components in our photocopiers have been changed, ensuring that your machine is working like new. If any problems emerge or components are required, we will deploy our technicians to your location to guarantee that one's needs are met, and your business continues to run smoothly.

Here is our list of top Inkjet Printers Mississauga in both black-and-white and color copy machines for your small business:

The Best Black And White Copier Options Available In Mississauga

  • Canon IRA4535

The Canon IRA4535 has AirPrint and WiFi capabilities and 35 pages per minute fast printing speed. Thanks to its USB printing and scanning features, the 4535 comes fully loaded with printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. 

Best Copier For Small Businesses

This Laser Printers Mississauga does not have four drawers to fit letter, legal, and 11' x 17' paper sizes. Still, it also can scan documents to your email and desktop. Thanks to its automatic duplexing, stapling, and collate capabilities, the Canon 1RA4535 is guaranteed seamless support for your small company printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs.

  • Canon IRA4235 
Best Copier For Small Businesses

The Canon IRA4235 has the same features and functions as the Canon IRA4235, and it lacks AirPrint and WiFi capabilities and USB printing and scanning. However, if you don't need a printer with important technological skills, the IRA4235 could be optimal as the lowest price office copiers.

The Best Color Copier Options Available In Mississauga

  • Canon IRAC5535 

The Canon IRA4535, listed above, is just the black and white version of this printer. However, it also has the option of printing in color. If your small firm needs efficient, consistent color printing and copying, this copier with cost-effective toner cartridges Mississauga is a wise option.

  • IRAC5235

This photocopier is quite similar to the Canon IRA4235, but it also has the choice of printing in color. Therefore, we recommend the Canon IRAC5235 if your small company does not require complex technical skills but does require dependable, good color printing and photocopying.

Summing Up

Given the many different models and brands available with huge cost points, we at Mississauga copiers, recognize that deciding which printer is perfect for your small business can be overwhelming. Of course, choosing the Lowest Price Office Copiers for your small business is ideal. However, we think that our four refurbished Canon printers in black and white and color – each having a different set of features and capabilities – are perfect for your firm's requirements.

4 Problems To Watch Out For If You Buy An Inkjet Printer (And How To Solve Them) 0

Among all variants of printers, inkjet copiers come with low-maintenance structures and making. Inkjet printing machines are not nearly as complex as laser printers (truthfully). These printers are considerably well-manageable and Lowest Price Office Copiers. Hence, if you purchase an inkjet printer, there are low chances that anything can push erroneously with them.

On the flip side, you may encounter several inkjet printer Mississauga models marketed well under 100 dollars but with less built quality. However, the major issues with inkjet copiers are either with printing quality or high-cost ink cartridges. 

Here are 4 common problems of inkjet printing devices and ways to handle them with grace.

Problem #1: Unsatisfied Printing Speed

Inkjet printers are slow! They often can work slow as a sloth, and the reason behind their slowness and why these Copiers and Printers in Mississauga print lesser than suggested pages per minute are:

  • Full/almost full memory
  • High-density prints
  • Too many graphics to copy

Solution: Choose A Heavy-Built Model

You can choose to print more texts rather than graphics and reduce printing density in terms of holding more toner and ink cartridges Mississauga. Eventually, increase the memory of the printing machine for faster queuing. Besides, while printing on inkjet, swap to draft mode and print more texts instead of pictures from the net to speed up outcomes.


Problem #2: Low Print Quality

Inkjet Printers Mississauga often delivers low-quality faded, smudging, and soft copies with lines across the page. It is a comprehensive yet common issue that people mostly encounter while copying due to defective consumables or poor maintenance.


Solutions: Increase Consistency In Printing

Experts always suggest printing at least once or twice a week, which helps you keep the ink from clogging the print head. Also, ensure to wipe off or vacuum small dust particles from the machine's exterior and interior to prevent any defect before usage.


Problem #3: Troubleshooting

While using Office Copiers Mississauga, anyone can face sudden printer failure or malfunction since it is inevitable. Nevertheless, in maximum circumstances, the solution is uncomplicated. And the user should know basic troubleshooting know-how.


Solutions: Take Care Of The Mechanism

Always make sure you check basic mechanisms like paper trays, plugs, consumables, and cords since most issues occur from here only. Watch out if they are securely placed, attached, plugged, and read manuals for further aids.


Problem #4: Pricey Toner and Ink Cartridges

Inkjet color copiers Mississauga frequently demand high-end, expensive ink and toner cartridges. So, if you purchase an inkjet, you should be set to maintain purchasing ink repeatedly.


Solutions: Buy An Ink Efficient Model

You perhaps invest in a model with proper ink efficiency to reduce additional costs. And, yes, they are real! But, according to experts, one should avoid cheap inkjet printers with inefficient ink cartridges as they will create a financial burden on you in the long run.


Whether it's inkjet or laser, printers may show some unavoidable disturbance, yet, the best solution is to continually prepare. However, you should browse maximum reviews before purchasing any printer and shop a model with Toner and Ink Cartridges Mississauga efficiency.

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