Do You Need a New Guillotine Paper Cutter?

Do You Need a New Guillotine Paper Cutter?

Do you have to split your paper piles into three or four piles so it's possible to cut them? Or do your newspaper cuts have a rough, uneven border?

If that's the case, you are probably using your guillotine paper cutter to get greater than it was created to handle. If you're consistently cutting over 10 or so sheets of paper, then it is well worth the update to a stack cutter.

There are a couple options available if you're checking into pile cutters to replace your guillotine.

Using a stack paper cutter, you will have the ability to make clean cuts on anywhere from 50 to 700 or more sheets at one time, depending on the model. A stack cutter is also able to do everything you can do with your guillotine cutter, including creating smaller narrow cuts with precision.

A manual pile cutter is similar in operation to a guillotine, also is the most likely solution for anyone looking to update to cut larger stacks of paper. A spring mechanism helps the operator exerts the power required to cut through thick stacks of paper, simply by pulling on the blade arm down through the newspaper.

Electric heap cutters are also available that are even less work to function. They are normally powered by hydraulics and can therefore cut through more sheets at once. A electrical razor could be put for cutting with no manual operation, and will cost more than a standard, manual stack cutter.

Electric heap cutters may also be preset for a number of programs with the same cut size and backstop place, even though a cutter for this much electricity is usually used only in printing shops or other businesses with increased cutting needs.

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